British Engagement Programme for Displaced Children

Nov 01, 2018 19:00

British Engagement Project for Displaced Children seeks to enhance understanding of British values, culture, and history through a professionally developed non-informal curricula designed for displaced (i.e. asylum seekers, refugees, forced migrants) families children, aged between 11-16.


The project seeks to eliminate barriers in attaining knowledge, experience and opportunities for children of displaced families by creating a bespoke programme of cultural and educational activities to integrate these children into British society. This tailored programmes, conducted within term holidays and with selected mentors from these communities seeks to alleviate pressure from families and the educational system by enhancing displaced children with greater understanding of Britain.

In order to create cultural and historical awareness/understanding of British society and values;

  • The project will coordinate event days, including visits to the Parliament, museums with a thematic tone, galleries and one-to-one mentor support.
  • Organise training and seminars. we aim to focus on issues/topics to help children better understand and engage with local communities.
  • To have field trips otherwise inaccessible due to financial restraints, and empower their sense of belonging and British citizenship.

To facilitate a non-formal learning environment for diversity, acceptance and tolerance;

  • Introducing interactive learning sessions, conducted in small groups of children with a professionally develop curricula with bespoke activities.
  • Conducting workshops will be themed and planned in accordance with mentors from the community and educational specialists from an ESL background

The children will be informally assessed, with report cards written out after the project weeks to demonstrate their learning progress and how they can improve themselves.

The project aims to help children garner a sense of confidence, purpose, heightened understanding of British society and most of all, accessibility to experience and opportunities otherwise unavailable within the formal education system. It aims to build long term influence the children and how they view a society in which they will socially, culturally and economically contribute towards. After the first cycle, the children will be monitored and tracked, with regular interaction and communication

UK Registered Charity No: 1119299

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