Count Art: Early Intervention with Art

Sep 30, 2017 09:30

With calligraphy and marbling we aim to attract young people in Tower Hamlets to motivate them to achieve goals in their lives and to be more engaged within the community.

In a nutshell

Our project involves inspiring and motivating young girls who are at risk of being drawn to violent and disruptive behaviour as well as countering any encouragements filtrated by negative thoughts, by setting up workshops, to allow young people to get engaged with arts. We aim to do this through a form of art therapy, marbling and calligraphy in particular and are in contact with renowned artists in these fields

Count Art aims to reach out to young people who are studying GCSE’s and A Level’s in East London that need an outlet from their busy and stressed filled lives and come together in after school workshops to let go a little, have fun and also learn a new skill in the process. These workshops will offer a generation of girls who are taught to keep to themselves, to be more engaging with their community through expressing themselves and their cognitive thinking processes through Islamic art. We believe that access to arts can have a lasting and transformational effect on communities and many aspects of people’s lives. With Marbling and Calligraphy we aim to attract young people with an interest in art to help them gain a new insight into Islamic art and culture and be surrounded by a community of enthusiastic young volunteers and expert artists.

UK Registered Charity No: 1119299

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