LCSS Summer School 2015

We are excited to conduct LCSS's first summer school and to host a lovely group of students from Azerbaijan. 20 July - 14 August

The London Centre for Social Studies is proud to announce the successful completion of its 2015 summer school which offered students a practical insight into British culture and society as well as a grounding in its unique legal and political system.

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The immersive four-week summer school comprised of a fascinating and entertaining mixture of field trips, cultural experiences, academic activities, and practical work experience at the London Centre for Social Studies office. Each week following their outings, students were required to write reports on the topics at hand which gave them an excellent opportunity to improve their English language and academic research skills.

In the first week, students visited the prominent policy institute Chatham House where they were able to gain an understanding of the role it plays in developing foreign policy as well as a view of Britain’s place in the international community. Chatham House is a world famous institution and students also had the chance to learn about what makes it so special, to explore the building and library, and to meet staff members. 

Week two was spent focusing on Britain’s cultural wealth including visits to the largest and most prominent bookshops in Europe as well as a field project on one of London’s many ethnic minority communities. Students got the opportunity to observe how these communities interact with native British people as well as honing their research and communication skills by interviewing members of these communities and writing a final report on the topic. This project gave students an invaluable insight into the successes and failures of Britain’s multiculturalist policy of citizenship and provided them with a deep insight into the competing narratives which constitute modern British society.

In week three, excursions to the Royal Courts of Justice and the Old Bailey brought to life Britain’s historic legal system. Students learned the function of each institution and got the opportunity to discuss the differences between common law and civil law as well as how they combine to constitute an important part of British liberal democracy.

In the fourth and final week, a trip to the Houses of Parliament put the British political system into context while also affording the opportunity to admire the beautiful neo-gothic building from up close. Students learned about Britain’s ‘bicameral’ parliamentary system, the various political parties represented in Parliament, and the function of the ‘Cabinet’. This provided students with a very useful grounding to begin thinking about the nature of parliamentary democracy and its importance in modern Britain.

Throughout the four weeks there were also CV workshops, guest talks, and academic and business writing sessions as well as the opportunity to visit some of London’s many world-renowned art galleries, theatres, and museums. This was topped off with trips to Oxford and Cambridge, famous for their world-class universities along with a fascinating visit to the UK headquarters of Facebook where students learned about the role of social media in the modern world and saw how Facebook operates from the inside.

The programme will run again in 2016 from 11th July – 5th August. More details will be available in November. Watch this space for further information and how to apply.

Student Testimonials:

“I felt like I had travelled to three countries in three hours!” – on the field-trip to London’s ethnic minority areas

“I was speechless and it was so beneficial for my field” – on the visit to the Houses of Parliament

“I improved not only my academic skills but the programme also gave me useful life experience”

“The programme helped develop my opinions and challenge my stereotypes”

“Thank you for everything!”

 “It was perfect!”

"The programme was very fulfilling. Especially the CV writing training, this was very useful. Now I know how to prepare a professional CV for my academic career" - Khadija

"The most impressive part of the programme was the visit to Facebook. It was very helpful to understand how to use social media for academic research. The visits to Chatham House and the courts were also great. For the first time in my life I have watched a live court case and witnessed a country’s legal treatment" - Kamran

"The programme met all of my expectations. The bookstore visits were very impressive. I have never seen such massive bookstores and it was a great experience to spend time there" - Emil

"I spent an amazing month in London. The summer school programme was very fulfilling and I had many great experiences" - Shahin

"The programme was much better than I expected. I learnt a lot whilst having fun.  The visit to the Houses of Parliament was a unique experience for me" - Fatima

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LCSS Summer School 2015

We are excited to conduct LCSS's first summer school and to host a lovely group of students from Azerbaijan. 20 July - 14 August

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