Prof Izzet Kale

Department of Electronic Systems, University of Westminster

Professor Izzet Kale, currently Professor of Applied DSP and VLSI Systems at the University of Westminster, Department of Electronic Systems, and Founder/Director of the Applied DSP and VLSI Research Group (ADVRG).

He has over 25 years experience in the design and implementation of efficient real-time system solutions for the telecommunications and biomedical industries with a significant effort currently in  multi-standard, reduced-complexity, enhanced performance GNSS receivers.

Prof. Kale spearheaded ground breaking work in DSP as well as mixed-signal VLSI systems and their implementations, predominantly in collaboration with industry for their next generation products. His research interests include: novel ultra-low-power signal processing structures (for use in stringent filtering applications in communications, such as Software Defined Radio (SDR); real-time solutions for low-power receiver implementation; high speed DSP architectures; novel high speed, wide bandwidth, high resolution data converters (discrete and continuous time sigma-delta based); computationally efficient digital receiver architectures for DAB and GPS.

Professor Kale's expertise spans the hierarch from high-level algorithms to low-level ultra-low-power custom (integrated circuit/discrete component) hardware/software realizations. As a result, he and his group has over the years secured numerous fully industrially funded applied research and development contracts predominantly targeted at low-power sub-system development for the communications sector. Some of the results from this type of work resulted in patents and others in publications in the open literature.

Prof. Kale is currently supervising and co-supervising 10 PhD students, with 4 working on GNSS receiver related topics. He has authored/co-authored over 220 papers, 3 books, and secured 4 patents.


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