• Outdoor Scouting Activities
    • Abseiling
      • A descent from any of our purpose built towers and climbing walls is an experience not to be missed.

        It’s a great activity for conquering fears and getting people out of their comfort zones. It’s very popular with primary and secondary schools and team building groups. Our instructors will guide you down a controlled descent working on trust, confidence and overcoming fears.

    • Archery
      • Learn about bows and arrows, and the skill needed to become an archer whilst trying to out-score your friends on this activity. It will challenge your maths skills, your focus and dexterity as you work out the best technique to succeed.
    • Bush Craft
      • Learn how to use your natural environment to survive. Working as a team you will learn to build and light fires using sparks and build your own shelters. You will learn more about the natural environment around you, how to use it and look after it.
    • Camp Fire
      • Get together with your group around the campfire at the end of the day, tell stories, sing songs and toast marshmallows (marshmallows not provided). This is a great activity for getting to know your group members or finding out new things about the ones you already know.
    • Climbing
      • It’s about much more than just reaching the top. Our purpose built climbing towers provide a safe way for you to challenge yourself and conquer fears. You’ll develop confidence, learn to trust and learn about taking risks; all in a safe environment. You’ll learn about technique, skill, balance, perseverance and determination.
    • Fencing
      • This is a very popular activity choice for groups of all ages. Learn the “en-garde” stance, lunging, parrying and risposte. It teaches you concentration, agility and reflexes. Outwit your opponent and learn to understand how they think.
    • High Ropes
      • Great for team work, conquering fears and building character. Challenge yourself as you work out how to get to the next level, move outside your comfort zone or simply enjoy a laugh with your group. Our courses have wires to walk on, platforms to jump from, poles to scale, places to balance and all in a safe environment high above the ground.
    • King Swing
      • Swing through the air on this fantastic 18 m high wooden pole swing. It’s an exhilarating ride that will take your breath away. This activity is about team work as you will work together to get each other to the top of the swing before being released to swing through the air at up to 40mph.
    • Mountain Biking
      • This is an off road biking session that will develop technique and improve you skills. It combines fun and learning in a stunning environment.  Improve your core techniques, balance, control, track stand and cornering skills, whatever your level and cycling competency. (Not suitable for primary school aged groups).
    • Raft Building
      • Working in teams you will work out the best way to plan, design and build your own raft, then take it on the water to test it. It’s a fun activity as you race in teams to see who finishes first and has the most successful raft. Whilst playing games and completing challenges you’ll learn about knots, being resourceful, planning, construction, organisation, communication and trust.
    • Team Development
      • This series of teamwork games are designed to help you understand why effective communication is essential to getting you to work better together as a team. Incorporating a variety of games and team challenges, the tasks are almost impossible without the co-operation of every team member. At the end of the challenge you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of your team, how you work together to achieve your goals and what areas to improve on in order to work better together.
    • Orienteering
      • Working in small groups, you’ll have fun racing around the centre and making decisions as you learn how to navigate a map using natural landmarks and finding orienteering markers. This activity is good for team work, communication skills and cooperation
    • Open Canoeing
      • Learn the art of open canoeing in this exciting and challenging activity. As you paddle along a lake or river, we’ll guide you through the basics of paddling forwards, steering the boat in different directions, using different stroke, stopping, balancing the boat and getting in and out of the canoe safely. This is one for teamwork and overcoming fears, but we make sure you also have great fun playing games on the water.
    • Circus Skills
      • This is a great activity for younger primary aged children. Children have great fun learning to juggle, spin plates, use the diablo and trick sticks.
    • Search and Rescue
      • You’ll be given an emergency scenario where there’s a casualty waiting somewhere for you to find and get them back to safety. Along the way, you’ll gain objects to make fires and shelters to keep them warm and build a stretcher to move them to safety. In this activity there are no passengers, everyone has to pull their weight to make it work. Therefore it’s a real test of team work, communication and leadership skills.
    • Kayaking
      • Head out on the water, get close to nature and enjoy the outdoors. This activity is suitable for all ages and is great for team work, communication and building confidence. Have fun on the water learning paddling skills.
  • Arts and Crafts / Science and ICT / Inspiration and Motivation
    • Marbling
    • Calligraphy
    • Public Engagement and Maker Club
    • Inspirational Talks from Role Models
  • Mentoring and Pastoral Care
    • Daily Mentoring Sessions.
    • Reading and Contemplating Sessions.
    • Soul Searching Activities.
    • Tutoring Sessions on Selected Topi


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