Learning Outcomes and Aims



  • ´Physical Education
    • Our summer scout outdoor adventure activities at the Rock UK centre are designed to help to build fitness and promote physical well-being. They also help with concentration, improve teamwork and communication skills. Many activities allow for personal development too, helping children and young people realise their potential and building confidence. Getting active in the outdoors helps improve motivation and self-esteem. 
  • Conquering Personal Challenges/ Overcoming Fears
    • To think positively about tackling new challenges. The ability to take on challenges and overcome fears will help develop a “can do” approach to life. Children will have the chance to take on challenges in a safe affirming environment. It teaches life skills such as perseverance and resilience. 
  • ´Managing Risk/Developing Resilience
    • The ability to bounce back and thrive after a disappointment or unmet expectations. Through these activities, children will have a chance to view setbacks as learning opportunities. Evaluating and planning helps a young person to think calmly and positively about a setback and helps build their confidence to try again. 
  • ´Boost Pastoral Care and Mentoring
    • Inspirational talks, one to one mentoring will help children to find their spiritual strengths.  
  • ´Leadership Skills
    • The ability to lead and support others through effective communication. Being a good leader isn’t about taking control and telling people what to do. Through the activity sessions groups learn it’s about good listening skills, clearly communicating with others and supporting team members when necessary. 
  • ´Communication & Listening Skills
    • Being able to hear something, process it and formulate a favourable response in a short space of time. Rock UK has developed a range of activities where groups have to learn to communicate and listen to one another to ensure tasks can be completed successfully. 
  • ´Trust/Stronger Relationships
    • Trust building activities help teams develop a level of understanding about their fellow group members and builds confidence in individuals as they learn to trust one another throughout their tasks. 
  • ´Design and Technology / Arts and Crafts
    • A number of highly passionate researchers and influential artists will visit the camp site and will organise activities & workshops to inspire children.
  • ´Self-confidence
    • Children really come on in leaps and bounds on camp side residentials. Being away from home in a different environment, having to rely on their peers, trying new activities and finding their place within their group, gives a real boost to their confidence. They will find skills they didn’t know they had. 
  • ´Environmental Impact
    • Understanding the part an individual plays in their local and global community is becoming must in today’s world. Rock UK's spotlight sessions highlight many areas such as poverty, inequality, conflict and economical and environmental impact. We use real-life examples to give a better understanding of what’s happening around the world. 


Rock UK – Frontier Centre, Northampton

Frontier Centre, Addington Rd, Irthlingborough, Wellingborough NN9 5UH

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