Turkey's European Union Accession Negotiations: Success or Failure?

Jun 09, 2009 17:00

Adam Hug, Dr Mehmet Ugur

This panel session has been hold to discuss the influence of the European Union (EU) accession process on Turkish politics and society. Speakers argued that, during its accession process, the candidate country Turkey is exposed to EU influence which produces changes in its domestic policy-making and implementations. The domestic transformation induced by the EU can be explained by the concept of Europeanization. In this paper the “legal framework model” is presented to explain how Europeanization functions in Turkey to deliver expected results. The “legal framework model” can be explained as the influence of the EU over candidate state through the Europeanization mechanism of legal dialogue and the adoption of the EU acquis. This model aims to fill a gap in literature while bridging the study of Eastern Enlargement with the current enlargement process. This paper argues that Europeanization mechanism of “legal dialogue” has to be complemented by additional Europeanization mechanisms to encourage not only the adoption of the EU acquis but also the adaptation and implementation of the EU level policies, and set of norms, rules and standards. Compliance by the candidate state is supported by complementary mechanisms of assistance, social networking, mobilizing actors, institution building and training. The findings of this paper demostrate that the impact of Europeanization during Turkey’s accession process is particularly noticeable. This paper also reveals that the influence of Europeanization is not limitless and it can be limited by factors of politics, domestic resistance, credibility, trust, certainty, timing, understanding, identity and culture.

Panel Presentations: "The Influence of Europeanization on Turkey's Accession Process: A Myth or Reality?" by Dr Basak Kale
"Turkey, the European Security and Defence Policy, and Accession Negotiations" by Miguel Medina-Abellan (He couldn't attend the panel due to health problems.)
"The political and economic challenges for Turkey’s EU Accession" by Adam Hug.


Adam Hug

Policy Director, Foreign Policy Centre

Dr Mehmet Ugur

Reader in European Political Economy, University of Greenwich


LSE - London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE, New Academic Building, 54 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LJ

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