Social Research Workshop - Europe Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis?

Mar 01, 2012 18:00

Egle Dagilyte

Egle Dagilyte explained her research, PhD experience at King's, as well as how to improve academic research skills and find a teaching position in the currently highly competitive job market. The talk should be of interest not only for those fascinated by her research topic, but also for those thinking of an academic career or looking for a first full-time job in academia.

Research Skills Develoment Programme (RSDP): Workshops for Early Career Researchers

Coordinators: Ferya Tas (Social Science Workshops)

As part of the Research Skills Development Programme (RSDP) at LCSS, early career researchers (PhD students or recent graduates) are invited to present their researches in one of the workshop series that take place on a regular basis at LCSS.

The aims and objective of these events are;

  • To provide an informal atmosphere for the researchers to present their works and receive feedback from their peers
  • To develop presentation and communication skills for the early career researchers and students
  • To have opportunities to meet other students and academics working in wide range of areas, creating an atmosphere for networking
  • To help students and academics for their future careers
  • To establish a database for researchers, academics, and students for the future events and networking

These social events are normally held at the LCSS depending on the number of the attendees and LCSS aims to organize not less than 1 event in a month. Activities for Social Scientists and Natural Scientists are conducted in separate streams.

The students and academics are welcome to submit their proposals in order to present their work at LCSS. They are required to submit no more than 300 words abstract describing their paper or work, as well as their short biography. Following the revision by the committee, successful participants will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for their presentations.

To send your proposals of for any further enquiries, please contact using ‘Social Science Research Workshops’ or ‘Natural Science Research Workshops’ in the subject space of your email depending on your interest.


Dr Egle Dagilyte

Senior Lecturer, Buckinghamshire New University


London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS)

73 Watling Street London EC4M 9BJ

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