Embracing the Future: Parental Involvement in Education

May 12, 2004 10:00

Davut Azimkar

This seminar was organised by the London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS). It was the fourth of the LCSS 2004/2005 Embracing the Future seminar series.

In this seminar Davut Azimkar (Parental Outreach Worker in Harringay Council), has underlined the importance of parental involvement and support for the students in the UK. Davut Azimkar pointed out the difference of British Education System and because of this difference, parents would not be able to support their children sufficiently.

In this seminar Davut Azimkar has covered mainly the role of the parents in British Education System, the possible handicaps for parents to support their children and British Education System. It has been underlined the responsibilities of the parents to be taken in order to ensure the success of a child living in the UK.

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