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LCSS PhD Conference 2013 on Methodological Choices and Challenges provides an opportunity for current PhD students and recent graduates from all social science disciplines to share their research methodologies and the challenges they encountered in every step of their research. The aim is to provide the opportunity for PhD students to debate and reflect on their methodological choices, and to consider alternative methods, approaches tools and sources. We encourage submissions on both qualitative and quantitative research methods, on interdisciplinary approaches and on innovative research methodologies. We also welcome papers that address the relationship between research and policy. Papers are required to present a methodological issue within the context of a substantive research project.

We invite contributors to address one or more of the following topics and discuss these in relation to their own research:

  • Methodological choices: What are the challenges in choosing appropriate research methodologies? How do methodological choices influence formulation of the research question and research design? What are the key challenges in identifying the type of research methodology and what are the ways of overcoming these challenges?
  • Types of methodology: What are the advantages and disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative methods in a range of disciplinary contexts? In what type of research settings do these types of methodological tools provide most useful outcomes? 
  • Methodological dominance: What is the dominant methodology adopted in your field and in the study of specific cases? Is there scope for considering the introduction of new methodologies in your field?
  • Fieldwork: What aspects of social sciences research require fieldwork? What are/were the important issues to consider when preparing for fieldwork?
  • Data collection and being in the field: What are the key challenges in undertaking fieldwork in relation to data collection? What types of data collection methods are appropriate for specific research topics?
  • Data analysis: What is the relation between specific types of data and analysis? How is it possible to ensure that outcome of data analysis support research hypothesis?
  • Ethical issues: What are the types of ethical issues involved in specific research methodologies? What ethical issues are important to consider when adopting specific research methodologies?
  • Presentation of research outcomes: What are the ways of facilitating implementation of research outcomes in the wider literature and among policy-makers? How can you ensure that your research reaches the wider public? What strategies have you employed; and what challenges face creating 'impact'? 

Submissions should take the form of an abstract of no more than 350 words, outlining your study and the methodological issue(s) you address. You should also submit a short biography. 
Prizes will be awarded for the best paper and poster presentations.


The final program for the conference will include keynote speeches and special professional development workshops alongside with a number of PhD panels and poster presentations.


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