Embracing the Future

A seminar series which focuses on the Turkish community in London, their educational problems and the role the parents should play.

Educational achievement levels of Turkish speaking pupils in the UK are very low. Many youngsters leave school without completing their GCSE's, and many display traits of anti-social behaviour, involve in gangs and use drugs. Our "Embracing the Future" seminar series provided an extensive medium for educational specialists, community leaders and representatives of several related organisatios to come together and discuss potential solutions as well as directly interact with parents.

The project consists of three stages.

  1. The research, study and analysis of the subject title;
  2. The production of a detailed report of the findings and recommendations;
  3. The dissemination of this report via various means

The main thrust of the study is to produce a set of detailed and pragmatic recommmendations based on academic research including surveys and analysis.

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-- Ertanch Hidayettin, Equalities Legislation and Local Authorities’ Implementation

-- Vasat Muhandra & Ahmet Karahasan, Mentoring as a tool for achievement

-- David Daniels, Christine Thinkler, Strategies for improving achievements of Turkish speaking youth

-- Roy Tedscoe, Tackling anti-social behavior and discrimination

-- Davut Aimkar, Parental involvement in education

-- Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem, Education towards better employment prospects

-- Aydin Mehmet Ali, What is to be done?

-- David Daniels, Christine Thinkler,Strategies to improve achievement in a multicultural society

-- Tozun İsa, Bilingualism in education

-- Fatih Karaman,Supplementary Schools: Axis Study Centre

-- Aydın Mehmet Ali, Bilingual science project


Aydin Mehmet Ali

International Education Consultant, Author and Trainer

Dr Mehmet Ali Dikerdem

Senior Lecturer, Middlesex University

Dr Tozun Issa

Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

Roy Tedscoe


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