Academic Development Seminars

Dec 19, 2014 09:00

19-25 December 2014 – Markfield Conference Centre

Registration for this event is now closed due to all available places being allocated.

Dates and Venues:

19-25 December 2014 – Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire. LE67 9SY

Academic Development Seminars

Academic Writing and Publishing Seminar  by Dr Ozgur Yazaydin

● Self-management and time management

● Sections of a well written journal
–    Abstract
–    Introduction
–    Literature review
–    Methods
–    Analyses
–    Discussion and conclusions

● Essential Ingredients
–    Appeal – what makes your paper’s contribution appealing? For whom?
–    Originality – what is your theortical/empirical contribution?
–    Rigour – Is your paper rigorous?

●Receiving and responding to review feedback

●Targeting a journal

●Rejection- Revising – Resubmitting and publishing

How to Write a Statement of Purpose and a Research Proposal by Ishab Demirci

● What is essential and what makes it great?
–    Your background, your area of interest, your future goals

● Sections of a well written SOP?
–    Introduction
–     Research Experience/ Relevant Experience
–    Current Interests and Aspirations
–    Career Goals
–     Statement About Your “Fit” With the Program
–    Summary and/or Conclusion
● Tips for writing research/relevant experience section.

● Checklist for writing a SOP

●What is essential in a research proposal
–    preliminary reading/research in the area of their interest
–    identifying a scientific problem
–    theoretical background and a methodical approach
–    Abstract/summary statement of the research project
–    Review of research literature
–    Objectives and the outline of the research project
–    Timetable and selective research bibliography
–    The problems likely to encounter.
–    Why is your research important to (a) theory and (b) practice?
–    The originality of the thesis.
–    Common rejection reasons

Effective Communication Skills  by Sirri Demirsoy

● Techniques for a better quality communications

– Conversations with individuals

– Conversations with groups of people

– effectiveness in face to face communication

– written and voice communication

● Techniques and advices for e-mail, twitter, Facebook and other social media communication tools.

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Markfield Conference Centre

Markfield Conference Centre Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire. LE67 9SY