Our Mission

LCSS was founded in 2004 by a diverse group of academics to generate thinking and debate amongst academics, activists, policy makers, practitioners, media and civil society organisations both at the national and international level. As a non-profit independent research organisation, LCSS uses social science research tools to address major social, political and economic issues such as migration, social cohesion, subjectivity, education, gender, human rights in a critical way.

LCSS has specialised competence on the issues of migration and education related research, especially due to its strong connection with UK based institutes and academics. We aim to create inter-disciplinary forums and cross-border networks to facilitate emergence of innovative approaches addressing major global policy challenges. Hundreds of academics, policy professionals and research students contribute to the development of our programmes, and over 14,000 subscribers follow our activities.

As well as original research contributions, our activities include public lectures, panel discussions, round-tables, conferences, workshops, policy papers, reports and a recently launched academic journal to strengthen links between leading actors in society and the wider public. Through our community projects, we aim to develop better understanding of the problems faced by various communities in Europe and the United Kingdom in particular. Our major community projects to date have been supported by the Big Lottery Fund and many other private UK-based and international institutions and funding bodies. We are also grateful to all individual donors for their continuous and generous support to our activities since LCSS’s establishment.

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