Academic Writing Workshop

Sep 17, 2014 09:00

A 3-day hands-on workshop aimed at improving participants’ skills in research, writing and presenting with guidance on how to succeed within the academic world.

Academic Writing Workshop

Dates and Venue:

17-18-19 September 2014 – London Centre for Social Studies 2nd Floor, 227-228 Strand, London, WC2R 1B

The workshop will take place in London at LCSS, providing an opportunity to view some of the capital’s iconic locations.

Objective of the Event:

  • To detach participants from the usual daily routines and increased concentration on writing what they have in mind, (paper, thesis, etc).
  • Academic mentors will be available for guidance, consultations, and mentoring for topics that relate to the academic life.
  • To provide seminars on topics related to writing, research preparation and presentation that will increase the participants’ productivity to complete their studies with significantly better results.
  • Together with fellow participants from the same field/interest area, students will have daily peer to peer discussions and feedback sessions.
  • To provide a platform for testing presentation skills in front of other participants.

Target Audience:  Primarily PhD students.  Master’s students are also invited if there is availability.


Research Design by Dr Alper Yanki

-What is this thing called science and scientific inquiry?
-To understand the nature of research and the research process
-Confusing terms; Ontology and Epistemology
-Validity and Reliability: why is it so important to assess validity and reliability and how do we do it?

Tips For Writing a Journal Article for Scientists and Engineers by Dr. Alper Yanki

Written communication can account for much of a researcher’s work. In the “publish or perish” civilization of science, strong writing skills are indispensable for progress. Putting together an article is a passion for some researchers and a personal misery for others. No matter what you think, it’s clear that scientists and engineers value a well-written paper and agree that writing articles is eventually a joint process involving a number of people and a lot of time.

The Big Picture of the Doctoral Journey and Academic Careers, by Dr.Fahri Karakas
– A big picture vision of your doctoral journey and academic career
– Dreaming big dreams for your academic career and for your life
– Essential career advice for grad students and PhD candidates
– How can you survive Grad School? How can you thrive and excel at Grad School?
– A strategic perspective for your PhD: Making the most of your journey
– Graduate Pathways to Success:  Essential Skills for Doctoral Students

Academic Writing Workshop by Dr.Fahri Karakas
– Improving academic writing skills
– Self Management: Self-Discipline and Time Management
– Dealing with challenges of writing; such as the writer’s block
– The process of writing
– Organizing and editing your writing
– Practical tips for improving writing
– Self-management and time management

The Ultimate Publishing Workshop by Dr.Fahri Karakas 

– Selecting and targeting your journals
– Conferences, special issues and other opportunities
– Preparing your manuscript
– The publishing and editing cycle
– Finding collaborators and co-authors
– Dealing with rejections and tough reviews
– The art of reviewing

Academic Jobs and Career Management Workshop by Dr.Fahri Karakas

– Navigating the academic job market
– Applying to academic jobs
– Academic CVs and job application portfolio
– Conferences and networking
– Career building and presenting yourself
– Applying for funding and awards

How to write a good abstract and introduction for your essay, by Dr. Selcuk Uygur

The purpose of this seminar is to identify the crucial aspects of abstract and introduction sections in a scholarly written paper. Please remember, the majority of the desk-rejected papers suffer from not having a robust abstract, intro and focus. At the end of this practice-based session you will be able to identify your “golden thread” sentence in your paper.

How to Enrol

Please send the following information to the organizers to help finalise the preparations and group formations.

  • Short Biography,
  • Keywords (subject area based)
  • A short abstract of the essay  (This would mentally help the participants to get ready for the camp)

In order to register please provide the above details to:


London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS)

Address: 73 Watling Street London EC4M 9BJ