Dr Colin Heywood

Dr Colin Heywood

Maritime Historical Studies Centre, University of Hull, UK

Dr Heywood has taught at the University of California, Los Angeles (1965, 1967-8); the University of Michigan (1967-8, 1969-71), and Tufts University, Boston (1971-4); subsequently at SOAS, from 1974 to his retirement in 1999. He has been a visiting Professor at Princeton University (2000), the University of Chicago (2005, 2006) and the University of Cyprus (2006-7). He now lives in his native town and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Maritime Historical Studies Centre, University of Hull. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Ottoman Studies at SOAS, University of London.

Apart from his interests in Ottoman history, Dr Heywood is currently working on aspects of the history of English shipping in the Mediterranean in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Dr Heywood’s recent books include The Ottoman World, the Mediterranean, and North Africa, 1660-1760 (London: Ashgate, 2013) and Ottomanica and Meta-Ottomanica. Studies in and around Ottoman history, 13th-18th centuries (Istanbul, Isis Press, 2013)

An edited volume of the late Professor Paul Wittek’s Rise of the Ottoman Empire appeared in 2012, and two volumes of his own collected studies in 2013. An edition of the unpublished sea-journal of a voyage to the Levant in 1696-8 by the ship’s surgeon John Looker is in hand for the Hakluyt Society, as is a general history of the Ottoman Empire for Princeton University Press.

Dr Heywood has edited books and authored a number of articles in collective works and refereed journals. Please read more info here.