Dr Filippo Costa Buranelli

Dr Filippo Costa Buranelli

Teaching Fellow at King’s College London (KCL) & University College London (UCL)

Filippo holds a BA cum laude in International Sciences and European Institutions from the University of Milan, Italy. He also holds an MSc (with distinction) in International Relations Theory from the London School of Economics and Political Science. His Master dissertation, which was awarded a distinction, the Fred Halliday Prize for the best dissertation in the field of International Relations Theory and which was short-listed for the Northedge Prize by Millennium: Journal of International Studies, focused on a critique to Kenneth Waltz’s works and on the variety of hierarchic configurations in contemporary world politics.

Filippo started his PhD at King’s College in January 2012. He is member of the International Studies Association, of the English School section of it, of the Post-Soviet Space research group at King’s College London, young researcher at EUCAM (EU-Central Asia Monitor) and foreign contributor to International Affairs Watch, a magazine published by the Global India Foundation, a think-tank based in New Delhi, India.

Since February 2013, Filippo has been working as research assistant in a four-year project on ‘The International Dimensions of Authoritarian Rule’ headed by Dr Oisín Tansey and funded by a €1million grant from the European Research Council. The project will examine the international influences on authoritarian rule through a multi-faceted approach, involving a team of researchers and the study of a wide array of contemporary and historical cases and data.

Filippo has been awarded a King’s Continuation Scholarship on the basis of its research merits and potential. His research interests include but are not limited to: Central Asia and Post-Soviet Space, International Relations Theory, English School of International Relations, Diplomacy, and Foreign Policy Analysis.