Dr Marios Hadjianastasis

Dr Marios Hadjianastasis

Historian of the Ottoman Empire, the early modern Mediterranean and global history and an academic practice advisor at the Centre for Learning and Academic Development (CLAD) at the University of Birmingham

Dr Hadjianastasis has PhD in Ottoman History from University of Birmingham (Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies).  His doctoral research at Birmingham focused on aspects of social and economic history of Ottoman Cyprus in the seventeenth century.  He has since engaged in research and teaching on topics ranging from the early modern Ottoman Empire, Venice, trade, travel, military history, early modern identity and nationalist historiography.

In the past Dr Hadjianastasis worked as a teaching fellow at the University of Crete and the University of Birmingham. He also worked as a learning skills specialist and a learning technology consultant in the College of Arts and Law.

His current historical research focuses on topics of Mediterranean navigation and military history. Dr Hadjianastasis is also researching early modern Mediterranean identity, and especially aspects of fluidity and fixity within the boundaries and liminal spaces of empires.

Please see Dr Hadjianastasis’  personal website for further information.