LCSS Education Platform

In the UK the fact the educational achievement levels within second-generation Turkish students are disturbingly low. At the Education Platform, along with our members we are working towards increasing the standard within this group and help integration within the British Education System. To develop the standard of education within minority groups in the UK the Education Platform have set up a group of people who are eager to be a part of this positive movement. So far, activities and events have been organized to increase awareness of this problem; these include organizing seminars, conferences and working on projects.

Some of the successful projects the Education Platform have created include the “Embracing the Future” these series of seminars “provided an extensive medium for educational specialists, community leaders, and representatives of the several related organizations to come together and discuss potential solutions as well as directly interacting with parents”.  The Education Platform also put a survey together in order to observe the “education of children who speak Turkish and the factors that influence them”. Please visit our projects page to find out more information.