Gender Studies Platform

LCSS Gender Studies Platform

Founded in 2010, Gender Studies Paltform (GSP) creates knowledge and seeks to promote and implement gender equality. The centre brings together an intellectually diverse group of scholars, policy makers to provide solutions to advancing gender equality. The Law perspective engages with different legal systems across cultures focusing on the ways in which social mores are institutionalised in societies. And the education perspective aims to engage researchers, academics and policy makers in discussions and debates concerning how gender related issues interplay within educational dynamics. There are 55 members of the international advisory committee of the Gender Studies Platform.

GSP will work as an academic and policy think-tank by engaging international experts from academics, practitioners and policy makers in a broad range of areas such as gender policies, forced migration, human rights, culture and migration.  This platform intends to be a consortium of researchers and policy-makers drawn from national and international universities, institutes and organizations.


The list of Gender studies forum members

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Assoc Prof Sibel Safi

Academic Coordinator

Seref Kavak

Academic Coordinator

Feray J Baskın

Indiana University

Associate Prof Emine Evered

Professor of History, Michigan State University

Latefa Guemar


Ozlem Erden