How to Write a Master’s Dissertation in Social Sciences

May 29, 2014 17:00

Umut Kuruuzum, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

How to Write a Master’s Dissertation in Social Sciences

The summer is coming, but you have to write a dissertation! I wish I could share a magic trick that would make you feel better, but unfortunately there is no hocus-pocus, well not that we know of anyway. What I can share with you is a theory that will make you enjoy your metamorphosis during the dissertation process.

The “theory of clouds” was made-up by me after writing two MSc dissertations at the LSE. During this seminar, I will lay out the foundations of this make-believe theory and tell you how to choose a dissertation topic, format your essays, cite from the literature, and finally manage your time based on my own experiences of writing.

The seminar will run for 2 hours. Please, write a half page on your proposed dissertation topic before coming to the session..

The seminar will be restricted to 15 students.


London Centre for Social Studies (LCSS)

Address: 73 Watling Street London EC4M 9BJ