LCSS Annual Dinner 2013/14

Nov 19, 2013 18:30

Drinks reception and dinner for all of LCSS’s contributors.

LCSS Annual Dinner 2013/14

The London Centre for Social Studies held its first annual dinner on the 19th November 2013 at the Haz restaurant in St. Paul’s. The dinner was organised for all of LCSS’ friends in recognition of the contributions they have made towards making its events as successful as they have been and to also continue our ongoing friendship. LCSS’s valued guests ranged from participants of its workshops, regular contributors to LCSS’s platforms and keynote speakers at its major conferences.

The event started off with a drinks reception where our guests got the opportunity to network and meet new people. The event continued with dinner with our guests still networking to their chosen dish in an informal and friendly atmosphere with live music in the background (with LCSS’s very own Beyza Ataci playing the guitar). During the dinner session the activities along with the aims and objectives of LCSS were highlighted with a brief introductory video as well as members of each platform briefly describing the functions of their respective platforms.

Judging by our guests’ willingness to be involved in future LCSS events the annual dinner certainly brought LCSS’s friends even closer to the organisation.


Haz Restaurant St Paul’s

Address: 34 Foster Lane, St Paul’s, London, EC2V 6H