Public Policy

Bridging academia and policy making…

LCSS’s Public Policy Platform creates a forum for people within the academic world as well as policy practitioners with diverse social sciences backgrounds to come together to explore and discuss the most pressing issues affecting politics and society.

The ambitions of this platform are to facilitate a better understanding of the key policy issues surrounding the UK for our participants as well as to create a platform where academic and policy experts come together and debate policy issues on how to improve current positions in society. The platform will also pinpoint and analyse certain issues in society with the aim of formulating projects which address these issues.

The Public Policy Platform organises and hosts a number of events, varying in size, to create a platform for experts in various fields to discuss some of the most pressing as well as neglected issues. The key events organised by the platform are research roundtables, workshops, seminars and international conferences on numerous public policy topics regarding the UK and international agenda. The platform will endeavour to publish the proceedings from each major event, accessible for stakeholders and the general public.

The platform undertakes community-engagement projects to address societal problems, jointly agreed upon community leaders, experts as well as members of the Public Policy Platform. The platform also aims to undertake research projects with the aim of having a policy impact on societal issues.

The Public Policy Platform will cover a whole host of topics including:

  • Social Policy
  • Foreign Policy
  • Migration
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Policymaking Processes
  • Crime & Justice