Wisdom School

Feb 08, 2012 10:15

Promoting the visibility of role models within the Turkish speaking community in Britain

Wisdom School

As a non-profit organization LCSS has organized an event in relation to “Raising Expectations” to encourage and inspire ethnic minority students in London for the entrance Oxbridge universities. Wisdom School was our first school to visit. Firstly, LCSS had sent an informative e-mail about the content of the event to Wisdom School management and discussed the details of the event with Mr. Ramazan Guveli to confirm the date and time of the programme. The programme began at 10:15 and the average of 50 students had attended from year 10 and 11.

In the beginning of the programme Mr. Guveli introduced the LCSS Youth Group. After that, the first entry of the program was made by Serkan Baykusoglu. He made a short speech about the purpose and activities of LCSS.Following on, the first guest speaker Emre Kazım gave a presentation about his sixth form, UCL University and his master experience in Cambridge University. He talked about his journey of being successful, how to be in the university interviews and gave tips and advice to students.

After his presentation Questions and Answers session showed the measure of the relevance of the students. Students got answers about the confused and unclear questions about their future by asking Mr Emre. In the second part of the event, Sherife Tekdal gave a presentation about her journey. She gave a speech about the experience of her sixth form, about her university Kingston and about her social life. She focused on being an intern in different institutions and she gave examples about her experiences.After her presentation she answered the questions in Q&A session. Mr. Guveli made a last speech to sum up the event and thanked the LCSS team for this successful and helpful event.


Wisdom School

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