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The 7th LCSS PhD Methodology Conference

The conference aims to bring together PhD & Professional doctoral students and early-career researchers from various disciplines within the Social Sciences and Humanities in order to share their research experiences.

Femicide Research Network

Femicide Research Network Killing Women, Contesting Cultures: A Comparative Study – England, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Turkey Femicide Research Network Violence against women is ‘an extensive human rights abuse’ across Europe…In three countries often praised for their gender equality, for example, high numbers [...]

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Raising Expectations

Raising Expectations Promoting the visibility of role models within the Turkish speaking community in Britain . This project was awarded by the Big Lottery Fund Raising Expectations Policymakers are always keen on finding ways for the local and migrant communities to better integrate within Britain. The [...]

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Embracing the Future

Embracing the Future A seminar series which focuses on the Turkish community in London, their educational problems and the role the parents should play. Educational achievement levels of Turkish speaking pupils in the UK are very low. Many youngsters leave school without completing their GCSE's, and [...]

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North London Turks Project (NLTP)

North London Turks Project (NLTP) North London Turks Project (NLTP) survey observes education of children who speak in Turkish and also, the factors influence them. North London Turks Project (NLTP) The Perception of Turkish-Speaking Parents on Their Children’s Education This study aims first to discuss the [...]

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British Citizenship Test (BCT) Training

British Citizenship Test (BCT) Training Helping people in British life, culture and community by helping prospective-citizens pass the BCT and oroviding wider understanding of British life, culture, politics and services on offer. British Citizenship Test (BCT) Training The purpose of this pilot project is to promote [...]

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LCSS Summer School 2015

LCSS Summer School 2015 We are excited to conduct LCSS's first summer school and to host a lovely [...]

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Our mission is to generate thinking and debate amongst academics, activists, policy makers, practitioners, media and civil society organisations both at the national and international level. As a non-profit independent research organisation.

LCSS uses social science research tools to address major social, political and economic issues such as migration, social cohesion, subjectivity, education, gender, human rights in a critical way.

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