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Gender Studies Platform

Gender Studies Platform LCSS Gender Studies Platform Founded in 2010, Gender Studies Paltform (GSP) creates knowledge and seeks to promote and implement gender equality. The centre brings together an intellectually diverse group of scholars, policy makers to provide solutions to advancing gender equality. The Law perspective engages with different legal systems across cultures focusing on [...]

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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies LCSS Cultural Studies The Cultural Studies provide a network of reflection by enthusiastic and educated individuals who attempt to understand the forces that build and form our daily lives. The Cultural Studies Platform brings together young, eager and cultural people to share enthusiastically about their lives, ideas and views. The Cultural Studies [...]

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Global Affairs

Global Affairs LCSS Global Affairs At the Global Affairs Platform we see the word ‘Global’ as the way the world is and not just an interesting theory or a rhetorical device. It is the way we see the world, one big platform where like minded people, people eager to learn and develop are [...]

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Law LCSS Law Platform The LCSS Law platform is a forum which brings together Law students, graduates and practicing lawyers offering them frequent networking opportunities, discussion & debating platforms as well as special law events including major academic conferences and research development seminars. The platform is committed to enhancing the legal knowledge of [...]


Postgraduate Network

Postgraduate Network Developing skills LCSS Postgraduate Network offers a vibrant platform for Master's and PhD students to exchange ideas and develop skills through participating in training activities and proposing/executing relevant project under supervision of senior staff. Monthly Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) and Annual Welcome Receptions and PhD Conferences are the flagship activities of this netwok [...]

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Public Policy

Public Policy Bridging academia and policy making... LCSS’s Public Policy Platform creates a forum for people within the academic world as well as policy practitioners with diverse social sciences backgrounds to come together to explore and discuss the most pressing issues affecting politics and society. The ambitions of this platform are to facilitate [...]

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Education LCSS Education Platform

Education LCSS Education Platform In the UK the fact the educational achievement levels within second-generation Turkish students are disturbingly low. At the Education Platform, along with our members we are working towards increasing the standard within this group and help integration within the British Education System. To develop the standard of education within minority [...]

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