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Liam Mclaughlin

Liam Mclaughlin Intern & Project Assistant, LCSS Liam recently graduated with an MA in International Relations from King's College London following a BSc (Hons) in Government from the London School of Economics. His MA dissertation focused on ethical approaches to the migrant crisis. As well as [...]

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Prof Mervyn Frost

Prof Mervyn Frost Professor of International Relations, Department of War Studies, King’s College London Professor Mervyn Frost has been professor of International Relations in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London since 2003, having previously held positions at the University of Kent and the [...]

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Prof Carol Bohmer

Prof Carol Bohmer Teaching fellow, Department of War Studies, King’s College London and Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Government, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire Professor Carol Bohmer is a teaching fellow in the Department of War Studies at King’s College London and a Visiting Associate Professor in [...]

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Dr Sarah Singer

Dr Sarah Singer Early Career Lecturer, Refugee Law Initiative; Lecturer, Human Rights Law, the School of Advanced Study, University of London Dr Sarah Singer is an Early Career Lecturer at the Refugee Law Initiative and Lecturer in Human Rights Law at the School of Advanced Study, [...]

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Ozdemir Ahmet

Ozdemir Ahmet Former Project Coordinator at LCSS - Public Policy Platform Research Officer/Business Development Assistant - Reed in Partnership Ozdemir is one of our most dedicated colleagues. He started at LCSS as a full time project coordinator in September 2012 and ended working for us on [...]

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Assoc Prof Dr M Murat Erdoğan

Assoc Prof Dr M Murat Erdoğan Migration and Politics Research Centre, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey Assoc.Prof. Dr. M. Murat Erdoğan (born in Erciş-Van-Turkey, 11.03.1964) is Director of Hacettepe University Migration and Politics Research Centre, Vize Director of European Union Research Center. He is also Advisor to [...]

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Feray J Baskın

Feray J Baskın Associate at LCSS & PhD Candidate in (Linguistic) Anthropology, Indiana University Feray J. BASKIN is a doctoral candidate in (Linguistic) Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at Indiana University, USA. She has two masters’ degrees in French linguistics; one from the University of [...]

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Dr Gabriel Koureas

Dr Gabriel Koureas Senior Lecturer & Program director for the MA Museum Cultures. Dr Koureas completed his PhD at Birkbeck (funded by a three-year AHRC grant), where he has been teaching since 2000. His teaching concentrates on visual and material cultural from the late 19th century [...]

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Ruth Selman

Ruth Selman Principal Early Modern Records Specialist, Medieval and Early Modern team Ruth Selman is a Principal Early Modern Records Specialist in the Medieval and Early Modern team.  She has worked at The National Archives in a variety of roles since 1999, focusing on the development [...]

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Dr Karen Attar

Dr Karen Attar Librarian at the University of London’s Senate House Library & an Associate Research Fellow at its Institute of English Studies Dr Karen Attar is the Rare Books Librarian at the University of London’s Senate House Library, and an Associate Research Fellow at its Institute [...]

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Prof Salim Ayduz

Prof Salim Ayduz Director of Heritage Department at British Muslim Heritage Centre Professor Salim Ayduz is currently Director at the British Muslim Heritage Centre, Manchester, UK at the Centre’s Heritage Department.  He is Chief Editor for two websites: & Since 1998, Dr Ayduz holds a PhD in [...]

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Prof Keun-Wook Paik

Prof Keun-Wook Paik Senior Research Fellow, The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES); Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment, Development Programme, The Chatham House Professor Keun-Wook Paik is a specialist on Northeast Asia’s oil and gas issues, in particular Sino-Russian oil and gas cooperation, China’s natural gas industry, [...]

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Mr Zhang Jiming

Mr Zhang Jiming Minister Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in the UK Mr Zhang Jiming, Minister Counsellor, Chinese Embassy in the UK. He joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1991 and served as Division Director of the Department of European Affairs and Deputy Director General of the [...]

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Dr Natasha Kuhrt

Dr Natasha Kuhrt Lecturer, Department of War Studies - King's College London Dr Kuhrt is a lecturer at KCL. She convenes and teaches BA in International Law, Human Rights and Intervention, MA in Law and Conflict in International Society, Nationalism and Security, Gender in International Politics [...]

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Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips CEO of China-Britain Business Council Stephen Phillips joined the China- Britain Business Council as Chief Executive in June 2006.  Stephen has been actively engaged in business in and with China since 1989 and his experience spans a number of sectors including aerospace, oil, gas [...]

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Dr Maria Iacovou

Dr Maria Iacovou Director of Social Sciences Research Methods Centre (SSRMC), University of Cambridge, UK Maria Iacovou is the Director of the Social Sciences Research Methods Centre at the University of Cambridge, responsible for delivering training in research methods to postgraduate students across a large number [...]

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Prof Gilbert Achcar

Prof Gilbert Achcar Department of Development Studies, The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), UK Gilbert has degrees in Philosophy (ESL, Beirut), Social Sciences (UL, Beirut) and Social History/International Relations (University of Paris-VIII). He taught and/or researched in various universities and research centres in Beirut, [...]

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Prof Heidi A Ross

Prof Heidi A Ross School of Education, Indiana University & Director, East Asian Studies Center I am Director of the East Asian Studies Center and Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University.  I earned my B.A. in Chinese Language and Literature at Oberlin College, an M.A. in [...]

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Ozlem Erden

Ozlem Erden Associate at LCSS & Researcher at Indiana University Ozlem Erden is a Fulbright sponsored PhD student in Curriculum Studies program at Indiana University, Bloomington.  She received a BA in Science Teaching from Hacettepe University, and an MSc in Curriculum and Instruction from Middle East [...]

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Jenny Westerstrand

Jenny Westerstrand Uppsala University, Sweden Jenny Westerstrand is a researcher in the Department of Law and Centre for Gender Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden.  She wrote her thesis in Public International Law, dealing with prostitution and human trafficking in international law, and the conflicting feminist discourses that surrounds [...]

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Latefa Guemar

Latefa Guemar Associate at LCSS & Gender Institute Visiting Fellow, LSE Latefa is an Associate at LCSS and a visiting fellow at the Gender Institute, LSE. She was forced to leave Algeria following personal attacks on her family as a result of her husband’s work as a [...]

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Dr Fahri Karakas

Dr Fahri Karakas Fellow at LCSS & Researcher and Lecturer, University of East Anglia I am Lecturer in Business and Leadership at Norwich Business School.  I joined UEA in July 2012 having previously worked at Open University Business School as Research Fellow in International Management Practice, [...]

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Dr Tom McKenzie

Dr Tom McKenzie Fellow at LCSS & Lecturer at University of Dundee Tom has a background in economics and mathematics and holds degrees from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne.  He is a research fellow at Cass Business School, City University London and an approved researcher [...]

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Prof Nadje Al-Ali

Prof Nadje Al-Ali Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London Nadje Al-Ali is Professor of Gender Studies at the Centre for Gender Studies, SOAS, University of London. Her main research interests revolve around gender theory; feminist activism; women and gender in the Middle East; transnational [...]

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